How to lose weight without dieting

The best thing I ever did to help me to lose weight without dieting.

I was fed up starving and restricting myself.

As soon as I reached my target weight, it was like my body was determined to get back what it lost and so weight went back on.

I wanted to know why I was binge eating.

Why did I feel like I had no control over what I was eating.

Consciously I knew what to eat but it was something else inside always overpowering my will power.

That’s when I found SlimPod.  Slimpod – Free Trial

Listen and Slim

This is a way to change you from the inside out, changing how your mind relates to food and eating.

Creating a healthy relationship with food.

After listening just a few times, the binging calmed down and I could recognise when I felt full.

I only ate when I was hungry.

And because I was no longer on a diet.  I ate what my body told me it wanted.

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Slimpod – Free Trial