Your Weekly Horoscope for July 24-31: Brash is Beautiful in Leo Season.

This post is originally from and was written by Helen Adams. Feeling like it’s tough to connect? You’re not alone. All signs will face communication breakdowns early this week. Just remember that someone who seems especially standoffish may have much more going on below the surface than you think; be tenacious and break through. As Mercury… Read More

Your Weekly Horoscope for July 2–9: Stay Open, Starbabe!

Life feels sunny for all signs this week. But don’t shy away from serious conversations—as Venus moves into the communicative sign of Gemini, discussion and negotiations can go well. It’s also time to think long term: As the full moon comes to fruition on July 8, tensions may arise concerning work/life balance. It’s up to you to make things work; don’t wait for your boss to… Read More