Your Seduction Horoscope for the Week of September 10-17: Every Sign’s Guide to Getting Lucky

BY SHEREEN CAMPBELL This week, love is in the air and wild, wild thoughts are abundant.  The ruler of love and money, Venus, will be the most active she’s been in quite some time—whispering seduction spells in your ear and sprinkling fairy dust on your love life. The fun begins on the night of the 12th, when she’ll blow kisses… Read More

Your September Horoscope: It’s Time to Get Your Sh*t Together, Love

BY SHEREEN CAMPBELL Now that we’ve closed August’s eclipse season, September brings us some optimum opportunities to take whatever we learned about ourselves back in August to the next level.  Funnily enough, good old Mercury is still stuck in time out until September 5, giving unlimited chances to revisit, redo, reorganize and revitalize our lives. Mars and Venus will connect with… Read More

Your Weekly Horoscope for August 14-20: Stop Worrying and Let the Universe Guide You!

As energies swirl leading up to next Monday’s eclipse, convivial Venus in Cancer brings out intense emotions. There’s also a strong focus on creativity, leisure, romance, and potential entreprenurial opportunities. This blend of energies is intense but dynamic, and can lead us in many different directions. The best course of action: Take deep breaths, stay calm,… Read More